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From national parks to a few of the world’s best beaches, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Turks and Caicos Islands.


The Turks and Caicos Islands are located at the southern tip of the Bahamas offering pristine sand beaches and a host of fun activities. When you are here, be sure to visit the following destinations to make your trip a truly unforgettable experience.

Grace Bay Beach

It is one of the best Caribbean beaches stretching for over 11 miles. If you’re into marine activities such as snorkeling, this is the perfect spot for you as it offers you the best ‘off the beach snorkelling’ in the country at Smith’s Reef. There is also a great spot for snorkelling beginners at Coral Gardens Reef. Lucky snorkelers may even see JoJo the Dolphin is known to engage with divers. He frequents Grace Bay all the time.

Chalk Sound National Park

Get lost in the beautiful haze of turquoise waters as you explore the beautiful Chalk Sound Lagoon. It is about a 20- minute drive from Grace Bay where you can even take a pontoon cruise.

Looking to be front row? Villa Alinna sits on the shoreline of Chalk Sound National Park and offers an amazing view (and a private dock with a ladder so you can jump right in!)

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Taylor Bay

Situated on the ocean side of Chalk Sound, experience a secluded strip of beach where you can relax and be one with nature again. The water is shallow making it a perfect swimming spot for children.

Long Bay Beach

Home to The Caicos Banks on the Southside of the island. Here find beautiful turquoise waters as far as the eye can see. The Caicos Banks span the whole south side of the country for 50 miles to the South and 90 miles East and West. This makes Long Bay the best place to learn to kiteboard. There are a number of beautiful luxury homes on this beach and even a five-star hotel called the Shore Club.

Other Islands

One of our favorite things to do in TCI explores the vast history and culture of the country by visiting the other islands. Neighbouring islands, North and Middle Caicos can be visited by taking a 30-minute ferry boat ride. These islands are less developed but have miles and miles of secluded pristine beaches to explore. There are also old sisal plantations and some of the largest caves in the Caribbean, an awesome day trip for the whole family!

Grand Turk

A ways further East and accessible by a short 20-minute plane ride is the capital of the country, Grand Turk. Here you will find what is Christopher Columbus’ said first landing point in the ‘new world’! For a small little island there is so much to do here; see old historic buildings, wonderful bars and restaurants, the island’s friendly wild donkeys, and the best scuba diving in the country. If you visit Grand Turk from January to April, you will also have a great chance to see the humpback whale migration North with their new calves.

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