Before management of a property is undertaken by Turquoise Vacation Rentals, the following must be set up:

  • The villa must be registered and pay the mandatory government bed tax. The registered name must be provided to TVR in order for taxes to be paid properly every month.
  • Utility account numbers provided to the property manager so bill payments can be made properly without confusion.
  • Benjamin-Moore or equivalent paint color code/number must be provided so that scuffs and marks can be painted over with the correct paint.
  • Landscaping and maintenance explained to the manager and keys provided for access to irrigation system (if existent…).
  • Alarm system explained to manager and alarm provider advised of new management company.
  • Internet and WiFi username and password to be provided.
  • A/C metering explained. (if put in place)
  • Set-up a Housekeeping, Maintenance and Repair Fund: Set aside an agreed upon amount in order to keep the property in rental condition. This fund will cover weekly housekeeping costs while the house is rented (turnover services, mid-week services and/or daily housekeeping services) as well as bill payments and constant maintenance expenses that arise before, during, and after rentals. Maintenance expenses include fixing paint scuffs found on walls, replacing broken or warn out articles (kitchen supplies, light bulbs, remote controls etc.), maintaining the pool, landscaping, raking beach, and other exterior works. In most cases landscaping and pool works are sub-contracted. Cleaning supplies will also need to be purchased throughout rentals in order to carry out necessary housekeeping and maintenance requirements.A far more economical option is bringing in a palette of items from Florida that will last months. Generally the imported items with custom duties and shipping costs are still far cheaper than buying items on-island.

Payment and the transferring of funds

Direct payment for rentals from guests or reservation agents is to be made to Turquoise Vacation Rentals’ rental account with the First Caribbean Bank. Once the funds have been received, the necessary deductions are made (tax, management fees), and then the funds are deposited into the owner’s account on the second week of every month. A full statement is provided by email to the owner prior to the monthly deposit. In most cases guests make two payments prior to their arrival, a 50% deposit and the remaining 50% due one month before arrival. When the first 50% is received, it is supplied directly to the owner with no deductions made. The remaining 50% has the booking fee (if applicable), the management fee and taxes deducted before it is deposited to the owner’s account.

Turquoise Vacation Rentals works on an agreed commission basis to the property owners.

Reast assued your home in in the best hands. For any further questions regarding our service to your property and guests, please feel free to contact us at any point.

Kindest Regards,


Rental Terms & Conditions

Turquoise Vacation Rentals, hereinafter referred to as “The Management Company”, acts on behalf of National Colony Realty Ltd., which it represents. The contract entered into is between the owner of National Colony Realty and the renting party (the “renter”). The contract is not effective until required payment has been received and confirmation has been sent to the renter.

National Colony Realty categorizes the year into three (3) seasons, as follows:

  • Low Season : May 1st to October 31st
  • High Season : November 1st – April 30th
  • Peak : December 22nd – January 4th

A deposit of 50% of the rental amount must be received by The Management Company within three (3) working days after the relevant invoice and payment instructions have been provided to the renter. If a deposit is not received within this time, it is within the discretion of the owner of National Colony Realty to cancel the booking.

Final payment is required 30 days prior to arrival (60 days for Christmas/New Year bookings) or immediately if booking is made less than 30 days prior to arrival (or less than 60 days in the case of Christmas/New Years bookings). If the balance payment is not received by the due date, the owner of National Colony Realty reserves the right to cancel the booking and retain the renter’s deposit.

In the case of bookings made less than 30 days prior to arrival, full payment is required within three (3) working days, or on arrival, if less than three (3) working days, whichever comes first.

All payments must be made in US dollars. Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card. Some conditions apply and full details will be given at the time of booking.

Be aware that a security deposit is required for all Houses listed under Turquoise Vacation Rentals. The security deposit will be requested upon arrival and will be refunded in full on the day of departure, unless damages/repairs need to be performed, in which case the cost of damages will be deducted.

All clients will be asked to sign a Waiver of Liability and a credit card authorization form, which will allow The Management Company to charge the card any charges that the renter incurs while at the villa.

If the reservation is cancelled 30 days or more prior to arrival (60 days for Christmas/ New Year bookings), deposits will be refunded in full less US$500.00 OR 20% of the total booking value (whichever is greater).

Reservations cancelled less than 30 days prior to arrival are subject to a complete forfeiture of deposit to compensate The Management Company for the time and effort involved in making a booking and to compensate the owner for the loss of other potential bookings that have turned down once a booking has been confirmed.

Notice of cancellation must be received by The Management Company in writing.

Final payments are non-refundable.

Changes to Bookings
The Management Company reserves the right to charge a US$100.00 administration fee to each change after a booking has been confirmed. Changes cannot necessarily be accommodated in all cases.

Events and Parties
Normal bookings are for vacation purposes and special permissions must be obtained for functions where the number of people in attendance exceeds 150% of the capacity of the house in question. In addition, guests should be aware that all properties are private villas located in residential areas and, as such, not all functions or events can necessarily be accommodated. Contact The Management Company to discuss your particular event requirements prior to booking.

If you are planning to hold an event such as a wedding or any large congregation of people at any of the rentable villas, it must be brought to the attention of The Management Company at the time of booking.

Damage or Losses
The renter is responsible for leaving the property in good order and in a clean condition. The renter further undertakes to pay for any damages or losses incurred during occupation. The Management Company reserves the right to repossess the property if the renter or a member of the party has caused excessive damage

Numbers in Party / Suitability
The numbers of persons occupying any of the rentable must not exceed the maximum number stated in the booking confirmation. The Management Company reserves the right to refuse any booking, which, in its opinion, is unsuitable.

The Management Company will not accept responsibility for any injury, sickness, loss, damage, additional expense or inconvenience, directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of the use of any of the rentable houses, including plumbing, gas, electrical or otherwise, and exceptional weather conditions. Furthermore, no responsibility is accepted for the personal belongings, car, and its contents of the renter or any member of the party during the stay at any of the rentable villas.

If the renter considers that he/she has cause for complaint concerning any of the properties rented, the matter should be taken up with The Management Company. In such cases, if The Management Company considers the complaint valid, a partial refund may be offered. This refund will have to be discussed and approved by the owner of the property in question and may take several weeks to finalize. No liability shall arise beyond the refund of the monies paid. The Management Company will not entertain claims lodged by the renter upon departure or after return home when it is no longer possible to investigate the complaint effectively.