Why trust us with your villa?

TVR provides a full service to the owner by assisting with reservations, but also working closely with reservation agents such as TC Villas, to maximize bookings and revenue of the property.

TVR markets its properties on its online multi-lingual website, as well as participates in international travel shows to market and get more exposure to its products worldwide. Its property management team of Priscila Laudino and Daniel Meneley both speak Portuguese, Spanish and English fluently and carry degrees from Les Roches Marbella in Spain, one of the top Swiss hotel and hospitality management schools in the world.

We provide first class services to meet your every need.

TVR pays property bills and government bed tax on behalf of the owner. It provides constant maintenance of the property at cost to the owner on a sub-contractual basis (pool cleaners, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, etc.).

TVR remains at the owner’s convenience to contact and receive complete details on the status of their villa at any point.

Our responsibilities before and during your guest's stay include:

Greetings at the airport

Car rental

Various Reservations

Kitchen Pre-stock

TVR takes care of renters long before they arrive on-island, assisting with car rentals, concierge and any special requests. This is important as guests will have more likelihood of doing the things they wish by booking well in advance, especially during ‘high-season’.

Concierge activities such as restaurant reservations and booked charters are prepared into an itinerary and handed to guests upon arrival. This keeps their stay organized and also allows for alterations to be made as guests see fit. A kitchen pre-stock service is also available upon guest request.

TVR’s standard is to always meet and greet guests at the airport. Guests are assisted with their rental car arrangement, and then proceed to villa following the property manager.

The majority of the time guests rent vehicles while on island, especially if the rental is outside of walking distance to restaurants, bars and stores.

Once at the rental property, guests are given a full description and walk-through of everything.

Guests are welcome to call the property manager at anytime throughout the rental period to ask questions about the property, book or change an activity. Guests are also called daily just to ensure that their stay is an enjoyable one.

Keeping your villa tidy!

Turquoise Vacation Rentals offers its guests serviced villas with a daily ‘Villa Host’ presence. The Villa Host services the house, taking care of the daily housekeeping and the majority of the day-to-day questions guests may have, but also providing Turquoise Vacation Rentals and ownership with real time feedback when a maintenance or guest issue occurs. This way, our team is operating at maximum efficiency to providing our ownership and guests with the highest service.

Linen cleaning and ironing is outsourced to an offsite cleaner because it is the most economical and efficient way to have linen cleaned. If anything is lost or damaged it is replaced at cost to the outsourced company. Payment is made monthly by check from Turquoise Vacation Rentals out of the ‘Housekeeping, Maintenance and Repair Fund’, set up between the property manager and the property owner.