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Turks and Caicos Islands attracts fishermen from all over the world. From deep sea to bone fishing, it’s a true haven.

The Turks and Caicos before tourism was made up of settlements of people in different areas of the islands that mostly relied on fishing their local waters as a source of survival.

Conch, Lobster and Fish were our island’s main export to other islands like the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Turks and Caicos offered seafood while Hispañola offered their produce. At the time, this was the island’s only industry. Then Club Med Resort came along and built the first hotel on Grace Bay Beach in 1985. This started our tourism boom and eventually made the TCI into what it is today.

Our waters remain plentiful with fish, conch and lobster that our visitors now have the opportunity to catch on their own with an array of fishing charter options.

Troll the third largest barrier reef in the world while fishing for wahoo, mahi mahi and tuna, fish inside the reef for snapper, grouper, lobster and conch or bonefish the flats that exist throughout the islands!

Here are some of the Fishing Charter companies we recommend:

So…who’s good?

Deep Sea & Bottom Fishing

Panoply & Grand Slam

Both Panoply and Grand Slam offer Deep Sea and Bottom Fishing but also offer tours and snorkeling on any of their vessels. Both companies offer a great selection of luxury boats capable of giving you a perfect day out on the water.

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Bone Fishing

Great Bone Fishing

Great Bone Fishing is a strictly Bonefishing company located in North Caicos. For the passionate bone or fly fisherman, we believe that making the trip to North Caicos for a day with these guys will be well worth while.

North Caicos is the largest island in The Turks and Caicos and is home to the best flats for the sport. You’ll need to catch an early morning ferry at 6:30am from Providenciales that is roughly a 25-30 minute trip to North Caicos. From there you will be met by your fishing team and taken to the boats. Expect to be fishing on the flats of North Caicos by 8am.

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Let us plan your itinerary! Reservations can be difficult to make during peak season. Allow our team to plan your entire trip!



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