Private Chefs

One of the nicest experiences you can have at your own private villa, is having a private chef cook for you and your friends or family during your stay. We receive a lot of emails and calls asking for our opinion of some of the best, so, here is a list of names and contact information of who we consider the best options, based off of our own guests’ experiences.

Each of the below chefs have different options and price points that they can work off to provide you with an amazing five-star dining experience in your private villa.

Photo courtesy of Chef Latika (Taste of The Islands)

Chef Alex
649 432 8292

Chef Jonathan

Chef Thomas
649 232 4272

Crave TCI

Gourmet Catering
649 232 4142

Chef Becky
649 331 3131

Kissing Fish

Chef Latika
649 345 3409